Sea Breeze Grand Ballroom Seaview


Our Seaview Grand Ballroom has facilities that meet your needs, from small business meetings to conferences with a stage. Located on the 8th level, our Grand Ballroom Seaview is equipped with cutting-edge audiovisual technology. Our well-trained staff is ready to assist you anytime you need it.

    -  Grand Ballroom Seaview - Up to 180pax

    -  Grand Ballroom Size: 23.60m (L) x 9.60 (W) x 4.10 (H)

Business Meeting Room

Business Meeting Room - Located on level 8!

Despite its simplicity, our Business Meeting Room offers a comfortable setting for meetings with views of the sea and the city. Advanced audiovisual technology is installed. Our well-trained staff is ready to assist you anytime you need it.

    -  Business Meeting Room - Up to 20pax

    -  Business Meeting Room Size: 7.50 (L) x 5m (W) x 2.90 (H)

Series benefits are inclusive in the meeting room:


    -  Meeting room set up with stationary, pencils, papers, bottle of water and mints

    -  LCD Projector with screen

    -  Sound System with Microphone

    -  White Board, flip chart papers with markers

    -  Registration table

    -  Stage, podium and signage to indicate the venue of the event

    -  Complimentary use of Wi-Fi

Our Management and Teams are here to make it happen!

Sea Breeze Sky Bar


Sea Breeze Sky Bar, located on 9th Floor at Sea Breeze Hotel & Villa, offers an upscale, design-focused, relaxing atmosphere with different fine cuisines and tapas prepared by talented chefs. Sky Bar is the ultimate destination for food lovers seeking an exceptional meal and conceptual services of Cambodian hospitality. 

Daily Operation Hours:    

    -  Dinner: 5:00pm – 10:00pm ( 9:30pm last order )

    -  Lunch: Upon Requested

On Weekend Day (Saturday):

    -  Dinner: 5:00pm – 11:00pm ( 10:30pm last order or upon request )


Swimming Pool


1. Outdoor Swimming Pool - Located on Ground Floor 

      -  Pool Side Dinner / Party: We can arrange from 50 - 80pax

      -  Hours: 06:00PM - 09:00PM

 ​​2. Rooftop Pool - Located on 9th Floor at Sea Breeze Sky Bar

      -  Pool Size: 7.80m (L) x 14,50m (W)

      -  Hours: 06:00AM - 09:00PM

Fitness Center - Gym


Ramp up your workouts at our fitness center located at 8th floor available from 06:00AM - 09:00PM. On top of our brand new weights, treadmills and gym equipment, our center also provides space to support your unique fitness regimen, be it yoga, pilates or other exercises.

Spa & Massage



Sea Breeze Hotel & Villa Teams


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